Work With Me

content creation, SEO, content strategy

Content Creation

Do you have an idea for a project or campaign? Get in touch to see how we can work together! I’m PR friendly and happy to hear from brands that align with my blog content. I can assist with:

  • High quality written content
  • Product or Service reviews
  • Social media amplification
  • Photography
  • Giveaways or Competitions

I craft compelling and authentic travel-related content to appeal to anyone from the experienced traveler to the aspiring backpacker. My site also has a particular focus on living in Australia, providing information on moving down under and expat advice.

SEO Consultation + Content Strategy

When I’m not busy blogging, I work as an SEO + Content Manager, having worked with a number of large brands across the UK and Australia. If you have any questions or need advice with your blog or website, just drop me an email.

To collaborate with Half a World Away or to discuss any of the services above please contact me on