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The thought of moving to Australia can be both an exciting and daunting one, and you’ll be pretty busy getting ready for the move in the run up to your departure. But where do you start? Here’s a few tips to get you prepared for the big move.

Decide on a Date

First things first, set a rough date of when you’d like to leave home and move over. This will give you a goal to work towards while you prepare your migration to the land down under. I would say at least 8-12 months would be ideal to give you enough time to figure out your plan and it’s also a good time to book your flights.

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Read Up About Visa Options

Recent changes in 457 visa eligibility is making it much harder to foreign workers to obtain sponsorship. As of April 2017, Australian Government abolished the 457 visa and created two temporary skilled visas and removing a number of jobs from the eligibility list.This means English tests are tougher and you’ll need a minimum of 3 years experience in your field.It’s definitely worth reading more into this so take a look at the Australian Immigration website for more information.

Understand Your Job Market

If you think you are still eligible for sponsorship, your next step would be to figure out what the current state of your job market looks like. Is there a demand for your skillset? What is the average pay? If you work in an industry where recruiters are active on LinkedIn, engage in conversation with them as they will be able to give you a good idea of the jobs and salary you should be aiming for which will help you when you start looking for jobs.

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Start Reducing Your Debts

The last thing you want when you move to Australia is to be paying off your debts back home. Start with writing down where your current debts are coming from and how much you have left to pay off. Work out how much you can realistically pay off each month before your leave date and work this into your budgeting. Contrary to urban myth, you unfortunately can’t escape your student debt when you move to Australia (ffs).

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Save Save Save!

Once your debts are cleared off and your flights are booked, it’s time to get saving! You will want to move to Australia with a decent amount of money in the bank to help you get on your feet when you arrive. I’m sure you’ve heard that Australia can be quite expensive and it may come as a bit of a shock when you’re frantically converting the currency in your head, so having some cash in the bank will lessen your money worries. My recommendation would be to arrive with at least $3000 (AUD) to live off before you receive your first pay.

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Sell Your Unwanted Possessions

Believe it or not, you won’t want to take everything you own to Australia with you, so begin clearing out your house and make a pile of things that can be sold. Start with smaller items such as clothes, books or unwanted tech such as cameras and phones. eBay or Gumtree can help you shift hundreds of pounds of items that have been lying in your wardrobe for years. I made at least £400 before I left the UK by selling clothes on eBay and old University text books on Amazon! In the last 2 months before you leave, start looking at selling bigger items such as furniture, cars or appliances.

Arrange Where You’ll Live

Even if this is temporary, you will feel so much more comfortable about the move if you have your accommodation secured for the first 4 weeks. Reach out to friends or family to see if you can stay with them for a week or two, or if you’re really unsure book an AirBnB or hostel at least for a couple of nights. If you know exactly where you want to live, you can start by searching for flatshares or apartments online. Find out the best places to live in Melbourne here

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