Celebrating my Two Year Travel Anniversary

two year travel anniversary

Today marks two years since I left the UK on my adventures around the world. Although I had planned to travel around South East Asia and Australia, I didn’t have much of a plan. Friends and family asked when I would be back, but I couldn’t give them a straight answer – I didn’t want to put an end date to something I was just about to start and I really had no idea where this trip would take me.


My travels were everything I hoped for and more. I made the decision to go alone for a reason – to see new places, meet new people and experience the freedom while I had nothing holding me back. I also decided that I would work in Australia for a while to extend my travels as I knew I couldn’t afford to travel and not work forever. Moving over here and starting a new life in Melbourne hasn’t been easy; there’s days I miss my friends and family so much, days I question what I am doing on the other side of the world and days I feel so alone. But the lows make me appreciate the highs – I look back and realise how far I have come and the things I achieved in the past two years.

For anyone thinking about travelling or even moving overseas, please get in touch! I can’t recommend this experience more.

Happy two year travel anniversary to me!

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